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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week-end city break at Istanbul Apartments

Enjoy the biggest selection of shops with a weekend city break at Istanbul Apartments. Stay in the heart of the action, all our serviced apartments are in fabulous locations minutes from the best shops and shopping centers.
Arriving by car? We have on-site parking. Arriving by plane. We pick you up from the airport  . Make the most of your weekend break and arrive early: we’re delighted to look after your luggage while you start shopping.
In the evening restaurants and bars are on your doorstep or why not enjoy?
The next day pick up the last items on your list before lunch then perhaps take some time to see some of the cultural attractions like visiting the Old City  or simply sit back and relax knowing the bulk of the shopping is done. Late checkout can often be arranged or we will lock your luggage and purchases safely away until you’re ready to return home.


  1. I would like to recommend the Cukurcuma district, located in the back streets of Beyoglu and often called the SoHo of Istanbul. It hosts over 100 antique shops, generally owned by minorities and Levantines, who have been living there for many years. If you ever visit Istanbul, make sure to include this wonderful district in your itinerary.
    Most shops are at 1-10 min from Istanbul Apartments walking.

  2. I would like to include this information written by Benji Layando which still is true nowadays:
    Benji Lanyado, Wednesday 7 January 2009 10.42 GMT

    "Istanbul was Europe's fastest growing city-break destination in 2008, according to the Turkish tourist board, witnessing an 18% increase in British visitors alone. It's not hard to see why. From one district to the next, you can experience centuries of European and Asiatic diversity, from from boutiques that wouldn't look out of place in Paris or New York to religious monuments that have barely changed since 500AD.

    And it isn't just cultural value that is attracting the tourists - Turkey is not in the eurozone and is one of the few countries where sterling has held its own over the past year.

    We've explored the blogosphere for top tips on some of Istanbul's best districts."

  3. I would like to tan Istanbul Apartments for giving me this opportunity to write a comment about Istanbul. I had a great time in Istanbul staying in the flats.
    “Si tienes que mirar por última vez al mundo, mira sólo a Estambul. Como Dios y la gente, la naturaleza y el arte, crearon un lugar tan perfecto que merece la pena verlo”. Alphonse de Lamartine. Poeta francés (1790-1869)
    Las bases de la Estambul de hoy fueron constituidas por Bizancio en el siglo VII A. C.
    En el siglo IV D. C. Constantino el Grande reconstruyó la ciudad para convertirla en capital. Estambul, a partir de esta fecha, sirvió de capital durante casi 16 siglos a los Imperios Romano, Bizancio y Otomano. En ella conviven hoy tres religiones: el cristianismo, el judaísmo y el Islam.
    Constantinopla, Nueva Roma, Dersaadet, Asitane….Istanbul, llamada con diferentes nombres por su historia de más de 2600 años, es una ciudad cosmopolita con 15 millones de habitantes, mágica en el arte y la cultura que hoy integra “una armonía perfecta” y caos a la vez .
    Estambul, la ciudad que habita dos continentes, fue declarada en 2006 la “Capital Europea de la Cultura 2010” .
    Esta mezcla de culturas ha hecho de “la cocina turca” una de las más variadas y sabrosas del mundo, con sabores y aromas que reflejan esa síntesis de civilizaciones antiguas con un marcado acento turco, armenio, judío, árabe, kurdo, griego, persa etc.